Question / Help Severe webcam lag while recording gameplay.


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Hello all, new to the forum. I'll just get straight to the point.

I am having issues using my android phone as a webcam through the DroidCam app while I am recording gameplay. There is little to no issue with OBS recognizing the camera, and when there is, I can just use a Window Capture source and capture the DroidCam feed from the desktop client. My issue is that when I start to play any game, the DroidCam feed not only is delayed by 3-4 seconds, but it also drops in framerate, and sometimes looks like it is in slow motion. If I Alt + TAB out of the game, the webcam goes back to working normally. It is only when my PC is focused on the game that the webcam starts acting up. I've heard that this could be due to the webcam using too much USB bandwidth, but if that were the case, I would assume that it would lag all the time and not only when I am in game.

Attached below is a clip showing the webcam in use before and during gameplay. If you pay close attention to my hand movements in relation to my character in-game, you'll notice that the delay slowly increases with time. I am tabbed out of the game until timestamp 0:40, and timestamp 1:05 is when the delay starts to increase.

I have tried to use a render delay on my Game Capture, as well as a delay on both my mic and the game audio to try to line it up with the camera, but that only seems to fix the issue for about a minute. I stopped recording to keep the file size low for upload, but if I were to record longer, the webcam would almost look like it is running at sub-10fps.

Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

Log file:


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Just to clarify, I do not have access to another webcam at the moment or I would have tried it before making this post. I just want to make sure it is not an issue of hardware or configuration.