Screen tearing after cutting out camera signal


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So here's my current issue. I've tried searching around for answers, but haven't found anything helpful so far.

I'm using a "camlink clone" (HDMI USB capture cards intended for cameras) hooked up to a camera. Works fine in OBS. Except if I turn the camera off and on while OBS is running; then it starts getting some annoying screen tearing. If I just leave the camera on, it's fine. Doesn't matter whether the source is visible or not, just seems to be whether the camera signal is cut.

I don't think it's the hardware. I have two different camlinks from two different brands, and I have two different cameras. They all have the same result. I've also tried the hardware with the native Windows 10 camera software, and there was no screen tearing there when testing this.

Any help would be much appreciated! I also get no errors, so not sure if a log file would be useful at all.