Scoreboard for individual sporting event

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Hello, total noob here on the forums, I apologise if this goes to wrong category but I need some help.

I am streaming a sporting event that I have been unable to find direct answers already on the forums. Most of the scoreboards are focused on sports that are team versus team 1-on-1 battles. The even I'm hosting is more comparable to for example running, cross-country skiing, figure skating or nascar/formula 1. It would require to show individual participants in a list in order and their scores/times. It would be a plus if the tool can be updated online by another person on another computer.

Since I've found million posts, tutorials and plugins for example football and basketball where teams are 1-1 and scores and penalties and everything is shown, I would assume since there are so many sports that would fit in to my needs that there is also something that I'm searching for. Maybe scoreboard is a wrong term and I'm looking for something different?