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Ok so I'm new to OBS and I was wondering if there's a way to reopen a paused recording file.

I had OBS opened and recorded a good bit of something and my computer unexpected did a restart and the file is still there but when I open it there's nothing there. Would that mean the file is corrupted or is there a way to retrieve it or continue recording with that file?

(File in the left is a recording that was properly stopped, file in the right was the one that was just paused and not stopped properly.)


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A *.mp4 file that was not finalized is broken beyond repair. It's gone. You can delete it.

To avoid this in the future, record to *.mkv format and let OBS remux (convert) to *.mp4 after recording, in case you need mp4 files. Check Settings->Advanced->Recording->Automatically remux to mp4.
*.mkv is robust against unexpected restarts. In case, you have a *.mkv you can convert manually to *.mp4.