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Hello, several days ago i streamed painting process and tried recording it for the first time (to make a time lapse later). Stream lasted quite a bit time, so recording became quite huge (2,89 gb, 20fps, 1152х720).
When i tried watching it later player (vlc, quicktime, MPlayerX, etc) showed right duration (5:39:08), but actually played it only for one hour and 29 minutes.
I tried reencoding flv file, but in the end video lasted only for 1:29 anyway. I even extracted .264 file from the flv container and repacked it into other without reencoding. The same 1:29, but file size decreased from 2.89 gb to 669 mb.
I am at the wits' end. Is there really any way to salvage this video data, or is it completely broken and lost?
There is log file from that stream:


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FLV files do not technically get broken, if they get cut off unexpectedly they should always be salvageable. I'd probably have to see the file myself, but I probably can't really do that. There's little we can do to "ix a file for you if something did break. FFmpeg should be able to preserve all the content when converting.

I feel like there would probably be something else going wrong with the fie. did you run out of hard disk space perhaps, preventing it from writing to the end?

Also I have not tested really super large files yet.