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Free S-TnT - A simple timer and more 3.0


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Netaro submitted a new resource:

S-TnT - A simple timer and more - A timer and a simple text editor

(S-TnT stands for Standby-Text and Timer.)

I am aware that software like Snaz already exist but I wanted to make my own simple but powerfull timer. So I did and it turned out to work really great.

So I thought: "Why not release it to the public?". And here we are.

The other part of S-TnT is the kind of Text editor (Still not really sure what to call it). This one is almost useless since all it does is just add text to one of your OBS scenes but the reason I created this was so...

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Great and simple app! do you think it would be possible to add a hotkey and a separate file to log times tamps? so its easier to make highlights of a stream?


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This is great only thing keeping it from being perfect is that it needs a hotkey for starting and stopping the timer.