Question / Help Ryzen 7 2700x at 100% usage while streaming at 1080/60fps


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Hey dear OBS users,

my new CPU gives me Headaches.
I bought a Ryzen 7 2700x together with the asus prime x470-pro mainboard to get a better performance while streaming. The Problem is streaming in 1080/60fps is not possible even in 720/60fps the cpu is on the limits.

I also put the log file into this post maybe i did something wrong with my settings and someone can help me.


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What's the cpu usage of minecraft? That can be a very heavy cpu load depending on the settings.

Also, your webcam choice/settings may also contribute to cpu usage, especially if you're using a virtual greenscreen, and especially if you're running the webcam at 1920x1080. That adds up quick.

Definitely take a look at your task manager to see how much actual CPU usage OBS is using versus minecraft.


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Minecraft ist Using 5-10% CPu usage. OBS without streaming 2-3%. When i start streaming and moving in game the OBS usage ist raising up 100%. I will try with a lower resolution of the webcam.
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