Running OBS via the browser using docker webtop

Filip S

Thats so cool I used to run OBS on Ubuntu VM - thats fine and it needed 16 GB ram and would be happy about more.

Just for a test I did a debian 12 VM on a proxmox with docker and the webtop docker image from with debian-kde image and now
it just needs around 2 gb of memory doing the samme - I use virtGL as display this very cool and I can acces my OBS remotely via a reguler browser.
The cpu load is the same but linke when I was running the fuld desktop - my main reason to run OBS remotely was because I stream to my homelab that also runs the datahier restreamer setup where i pull scens from and restreams with overlays etc.

To bad I dont get browser overlay option with webtop - thats my only complain now... anyway it very usefull for me ;)
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Filip S

Well now it runs fine with webtop gui and ubuntu mint image like this:
version: "2.1"
container_name: ubuntu-webtop
privileged: true #optional
- seccomp:unconfined #optional
- PUID=1000
- PGID=1000
- TZ=Europe/Copenhagen
- SUBFOLDER=/ #optional
# sudo mkdir -p /mnt/nas/nas3sys/data/webtop/ubuntu-opentop/config
# sudo mkdir -p /mnt/nas/nas3sys/data/webtop/ubuntu-opentop/config
#- ./config:/config
- ./nasconfig:/config
- /mnt/nas/nas3ssd/mediashare:/mnt/nas/nas3ssd/mediashare
- /mnt/nas/nas3sys/configuration/obs-studio:/mnt/nas/nas3sys/obs-studio
- /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock #optional
- 3000:3000
- 4455:4455
- 6005:6005/udp
- 6006:6006/udp
- 6007:6007/udp
- 6008:6008/udp

The 6005 to 6008 is used for SRT inputs and it work fine and 3000 is acces for a browser :)

Thats my docker-compose and OBS is installed from regular PPA but I have a problem to make 4455 work and it maybe because it only listen on docker ip and this can maybe explain why websocket server is not working for me - anyone know how I can fix this ?


Another way to do this with Debian and presumably Ubuntu, is with xpra. On the system running OBS:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install xpra

On your workstation you use for viewing OBS, assuming you have ssh between the two working:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install xpra
xpra shadow ssh://USER@HOST/

That's it! For `USER@HOST`, use your username and hostname of the OBS server.

It also supports HTML5. In that case, you run the HTML5 server on the OBS machine, and connect remotely to it via browser.

So on the OBS server, you could run something like this:

xpra shadow --bind-tcp=

On the workstation, in the browser go to the IP address of the OBS server port 10000, for example:


The "regular" xpra client worked better for me that the xpra HTML5 client. With the latter, my cursor was offset a bit, maybe due to multi monitor configs.