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I'm trying to stream a live feed from my IP camera. I have selected Media Source and using the RTSP link rtsp:// but it does not work with OBS because it does not ask for the login username and password. If I disable the RTSP authentication for my IP camera, then I can see the video and sound in OBS, but I don't want to use my IP camera unsecured.
Is there a way to input RTSP username and password in OBS Studio ?
I have tried rtsp://username:pass@ but it does not work...
07:09:19.187: adding 23 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 23 milliseconds
07:09:19.193: error:   method DESCRIBE failed: 401 Unauthorized
07:09:19.193: MP: Failed to open media: 'rtsp://'

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Te username and password in the url works for us. Have you tried testing that url in VLC? What kind of camera is it?


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I have the same issue when adding an IP Camera SV3C as a Media Source
I add this as the input:

but I only get a black screen, and the program starts to get unresponsive.

This however works in my terminal, so the streap is OK:
ffplay 'rtsp://admin:admin@'

This also works with vlc:
vlc rtsp://admin:admin@

Any ideas what could be wrong?

From the log:

info: [Media Source 'ipcam']: settings:
input_format: (null)
speed: 100
is_looping: no
is_hw_decoding: no
is_clear_on_media_end: yes
restart_on_activate: yes
close_when_inactive: no
info: User added source 'ipcam' (ffmpeg_source) to scene 'Scene 2'
info: [Media Source 'ipcam']: settings:
input: rtsp://admin:admin@
speed: 100
is_looping: no
is_hw_decoding: no
is_clear_on_media_end: no
restart_on_activate: no
close_when_inactive: yes
[udp @ 0x7f14480d5080] attempted to set receive buffer to size 2097152 but it only ended up set as 425984attempted to set receive buffer to size 2097152 but it only ended up set as 425984attempted to set receive buffer to size 2097152 but it only ended up set as 425984attempted to set receive buffer to size 2097152 but it only ended up set as 425984
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I am able to sort those things out . not quite to much time on pc but this software can integrate multiple camera like mine not sure if I am able to post an tutorial as noobie here .I am technician and may sort for each person particular case .
There are multiple ways to stream with him . It is an complex chain but once you match corect components will work
All start from router ; or the pc (my source is cheap ahd-dvr) that streams on specific port .Forwording ip server (pc/source of streaming)and specific port inside router.

Now see if can acces ipcam or dvr in IE (google may ask active x filter).Should be http://ip server:port.
Example ask for login admin and password
now most source may show format of your rtsp link on settings of server(source):
Once link found open and play in vlc.
Specific port for rtsp is 554 .My form is liitle bit complex
rtsp://mydnsnam(must be your external ip on internet):554/user=xxxxx&password=xxxxxx&channel=xx&stream=1.sdp
Each dvr/nvr/ip cam has an specific form of rtsp
Rtps can be converted to stream as http with vlc without any security option then can be forworded out on internet.
Hard part is to find rtsp link and test to play in vlc:

At this point nothing can stop you.

Play your rtsp link in vlc and save your play list as '.xspf' format.
Add in OBS as vlc sources as many you have with this format .xpsf .
Hope must people will understend and some devs. can take this reply and edit this reply as full tutorial ,from my side everyone has all the acceptance to post these pictures .
As very busy person took me few days to make it work.
An teacher told me once :" You have to come at school to know where and what to read . '
Please read from more sources and match all info's before ask something stupid.

Edit : Forgot to reply for
OBS may not support direct rtsp form with authentication(did not work for me with my form of authentication) but xspf format did ; may be an new implements in future for obs or maybe not but from what i see compared with ELGATO HD60 this way i get pc used like 30 percent of cpu ;Elgato goes 50 without record and 100 with.I am not an gamer but i have ELGATO for technical purposes.
Streaming direct link may need development on this good softwar at this poin. There are paid sources with clod services but what is trhe point if you recover back small amount of money or nothing.

edit 2: for
Stream link first from vlc and save as xspf then import in to OBS ; May need to use vlc for stream at same time but port will be given by stream vlc this time.
IF SOMETHING does not work is about setting in vlc how is steamed then play with OBS ;I have managed to steam direct to any server with ffmpeg , but clicking with OBS is simple .


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quick way to find rtsp link, I found is to get iSpy. It'll find anything then copy the rtsp link from there. If your IP camera shows up in something like IE with active x you can capture browser or if that doesn't work capture desktop, having the camera somewhere showing on the side, then crop the rest away. I had to do that as the RTSP link would disconnect at times and not easily reconnect and the lip sync between sound desk sound to IE was fine but terrible in RTSP