Rendering Videos/Converting Videos For Faster Uploads


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Intro: Hello everyone, I am nikorev. I just signed up for OBS today and noticed that this wasn't said before (or at least I didn't see it). Let me give people a hand with rendering/converting files to a different format so they upload faster. This does not apply to livestreaming so if you are livestreaming, save the time and press the back button.

NOTE: Extra info will be in parenthesis (), I am testing this with a 2.5ish mbps upload speed (matters with upload times), this is my first post so it may be pretty bad in comparison to others, and in this post I talk about a video (didn't know about the best settings, I know they are bad), but this was the video

Full Descriptive Steps: First things first, record your video using OBS. Make sure the video that is being recorded from OBS is in mp4 format. This is vital to making it render onto youtube faster. Then you will need to download MP4 Fast Start I admit it does look cheap, but it is the only program that will get the job done. But what is the job exactly? Sadly with MP4 files, all the important info (that youtube has to process before it can be viewed) is stored in the "back of the video". So youtube can't render it until it finishes uploading the video, which will add extra time before you can get your viewers watching it. In this program all you have to do is open the file and click start. Wait for it to finish. It may look frozen sometimes, but it is not. It is working and it will edit the file directly. Eventually, (probably after 2 secs in a 5-10 min video) it will say Done! This is when you close the application. Instead of youtube rendering the video after it is uploaded, it will do it while it is uploading. Now if you upload it, it will take much longer than it should, but still faster if you didn't use this program. That is simply because this is an .mp4 file, which, in some cases, tend to be a pretty large file. After a test a 5 min video took 20 mins to upload. Not bad, but when the videos are longer, this can become a nightmare. This is when converting comes in. Download Freemake Video Converter Once finished downloading, open the application and then open your file in it. There is a lot of files you can convert your mp4 file to. I personally convert the mp4 file to a .wmv. I watched them both on my computer and did not see a noticeable difference in quality but like I said, I haven't done excessive testing yet. The conversion shouldn't take long, but sometimes you should be patient if it does. I tested this with a 5 min video so I have no idea how it would test with a bigger video. Then you go to Sign in then click upload towards the top right of the page (in between top right and top middle). Click select files to upload, then you click your fully converted .wmv file. Instead of a 5 min video taking 20 mins to upload (or worse depending on internet) it will take around 5 mins. Then the video is on youtube and subscribers and views start piling up. So to summarize...

1) Record video using OBS
2) Download MP4 Fast Start
3) Open the the .mp4 file in MP4 Fast Start and click start. Wait for it to finish.
4) Download Freemake Video Converter
5) Open the .mp4 file in Freemake Video Converter and convert it to a .wmv
6) After finished, upload it to youtube.
7) Enjoy faster uploads and more views :)

Conclusion: I hope this has worked for you, as I had it work for me. I have not done excessive testing with these programs yet as I had little time right now. I wanted to get the word out for the people making holiday videos. This method of uploading videos should reduce upload time and processing time after the video is uploaded to youtube. If there are any questions, reply to the post. Expect a delay between replies as we are in the holiday season.

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nikorev said:
Also if possible, comment if this method did make your youtube videos upload and process faster.
Hey, I made an account just to tell you that it was a good guide. I know sometimes it can be discouraging to make a guide and only have people read it, use it and never provide feedback.

Thank you for the guide, it will be of great assistance. Seems to have really helped.