Render Lag for media source/vlc player


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Hello :)
Hope to find a solution here ;)

I have a 16-second intro that I play on windows during my stream. I tried on Mac and it seems like there is some glitch, I think I can call it rendering lag on the end of the clip.
It looks just awesome on preview, but when I run a test on youtube RTMP this weird lag happens in the last seconds of the intro.

I recorded it ;)

1. This problem doesn't occur on windows only mac users had this problem
2. Tried MP4, WebM, MOV, MKV formats - best results had WebM as a media source
3. Tried this on many different mac books even the newest ones on some works, on some not ;D
4.Tried different connections, this problem does not occur during other types of activities like video camera device, pictures etc work well

We all run streams in 1920x1080 - 4000 kb/s

I can guess, mac books with build-in GPU or smth cannot handle this 16 seconds 2.90 mb if we talk about webm file :)

I really would love to have this logo for all guys from my youtube channel :))
Thank you very much for assistance!