Reload Image Slideshow Directory with hide-show


Although images get reloaded live, the image directory information itself, which has a count of how many photos are in the folder, does not refresh. This refresh only happens when you startup OBS or when you click into the image-slide-show source settings and modify the image order.

It means that if you delete photos from the directory folder in the File Explorer/Finder while you are live, those slots will remain in the slideshow and be replaced with empty slides. If you increase the number of photos in the directory folder while you're live, the additional images won't show up. In other words, it prevents the image-slide-show from dynamically updating. It's only useful for creating the slideshow before you go live, not for being able to create or modify it while you are live.

Image slide shows have a 'Visibility behavior' option that you can select called "Stop when not visible, restart when visible". This seems like it should work the same way as when you enable the "Close file when inactive" checkbox for a video source. That makes the video source reload when you hide and show it. So while you are live, you can replace the video with a new one that has the same file name, and OBS will take the update.

This would allow an easy way to update slideshow media outside of OBS, for reading a 'watch folder' or making your own changes, without having to go into Studio mode and navigate a bunch of clicks in the source settings every time you want to refresh the image directory count. Doing so is extremely challenging while you are live.

Other people have mentioned this issue over the past couple years...

Bart Nijs

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I need something like this as well to create a slideshow of screenshots that are created live during my performance to be show at the end.


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This is indeed an issue - which is driving me crazy - is there any alternative Slideshow that auto refreshes? Been looking....