Recording Zoom calls, the definitive guide!


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Hi all, newbie to OBS here, thanks for all the resources posted by you all, very useful info!

I want to create a definitive guide for recording Zoom calls (not as the host) at the highest quality possible, including the audio! Particularly for Mac OS.
I have searched around quite a bit for a decent solution to this conundrum and have turned up a few possibilities, some software based and a hardware based solution.

For the software based solution I currently know of no other way to achieve a (non host) recording other than using a combination of OBS & IShowU
Does anyone have a link or a guide to getting the best possible results using this method?

For the hardware based solution I have an Elgato CamLink 4K (a USB HDMI capture device). Using 2 Macs I can go out of one Mac's HDMI port (the one running the Zoom call) straight in to another Mac with this USB capture device connected and record the video/audio feed using OBS. Again my OBS knowledge isn't fantastic so getting the best recording result is what I would be looking to understand.

Anyone have any input or other solutions to help out?