Recording works, streaming choppy. Can you help see what wrong?


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So when i stream with my setup it tells me the "encoder is overloaded, change encoder", we are already trying for months, so any help is appreicated. Wont to stream at least at 720p and 30fps. So recording works flawelessly, but when starting streaming the stream chops, and also OBS. MY internet is 50MBps+.

I have a dual pc setup, so via a capture card i feed in the footage of the gaming PC. I tried this setup with Elgato Game Capture HD and a AverMedia LGPLite GL310.

Here are the logs and specs:
with Elgato Game Capture:
with Avermedia:
Streaming Computer Specs:

could there be an issue with my ethernet card? could there be an issue with the capture card? McAffee Firewall enabled, could that be the issue?

Thank you very much! Hope you can find something!

With that AverMedia you can also see using the LGPStream Engine is a little tricky...