Question / Help Recording chinks the output file into multiple files with random filesize


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Hello, when I install the app using the default settings and try to make a recording then I don't get a single file but multiple files with random sizes ranging from 1KB chunks to few hundreds of MB. This is not what one would like to happen when trying to watch the video :)
The picture attached shows all the chunks for a single recording session (the selected ones). The files below the selection were made using OBS classic and there were no such kind of problems. I was trying to use the non-classic version few months ago and also experienced that same issue and that's why I was using the classic one. Recently the classic version gets to crash when ending the recording and this is why I moved back to studio.

This seems to be a configuration issue but it is strange that it happens with the default settings. Any help is appreciated!


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OBS does not have functionality that does that, you are most likely hitting the recording hotkey repeatedly