Random stuttering of audio when using OBS for testing or recording/streaming with a blank screen


New Member
Hello, I'm new to the forums. I stream to Twitch and record content using OBS, which has been fine until recently. I use my OBS software to record voiceovers because my mic has filters that I don't want to recreate in other software. Recently, when I've been doing this, I get random stutters in my audio when my screen isn't capturing anything. My audio also stutters when testing by changing Audio Monitoring to Monitor and Output. This is odd because when gameplay is being recorded or streamed, my audio is fine. In fact, that's how I circumvented this problem when recording my voiceover. However, this is quite annoying and I would prefer to just record with a blank screen, especially since I save some of these files and files with gameplay in the background occupy almost 30 times more storage space. Is there a way I can fix this problem? I'm assuming it has something to do with a blank screen resulting in frames being skipped while recording, which cuts out some audio. I'm not sure. Also not sure what files to upload. Help!