Random glitches at first seconds of recordings


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Hello, recently i switched out my GPU to a RX 6700 paired with Ryzen 1800X and i am using my same recording settings as usual and some reason some of my recordings at the first 5 second gets blacked out and slowly comes back to video, and i don't know what's causing that
but its defiantly due new gpu as this wasn't happening on my GTX 1050Ti

my recording setting is with AMD HW H264 encoder with CQP rate at level 15 with keyframe interval 2s, and i did try other settings and even OBS simple settings and yet this problem happening and i don't know what to do to fix this problem, how can i solve this?

Short video of what it looks like -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nNs-c6NFqM


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