Push to talk picking up keyboard noises when muted?


New Member
I set a hotkey for my push to talk and it seems to be working because when I look at the meter, it does light up, but the bar only goes the threshold right at the start of the meter. When I press the hotkey for my push to talk, the bar is working fine as it goes up and down based on how loud im talking. However, even when I do press the hotkey to talk, it will capture my keyboard presses. As in, the bar lights up to the threshold at the start of the meter. When I say threshold, its the tiny black line at the very beginning of the meter. I tried filters like noise gate and noise suppression. Noise gate works if I set the open threshold very high, but then I would have to talk really loud for it to record my voice. My voice doesn't seem to get recorded on stream when I don't press the push to talk hotkey, but my keyboard presses are constantly getting captured.