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Push to Enable (Source) 1.0


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Tera_X submitted a new resource:

Push to Enable (Source) - Push to talk but for source visibility

Python script that allows you to set a hotkey that will show a specified source while the hotkey is pressed and hide the source when the hotkey is released. Possibility to invert the behaviour.

How to use:

- Download Python 3.6 (not the newest) install and add Installation Path to OBS (Tools -> Scripts -> Python-Settings)

- Download Script and add it to OBS (Tools -> Scripts)

- Select a Source you like the hotkey to toggle

- In the global OBS settings under "Hotkeys" find the "Push to...

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Great script! Thanks for sharing it. I'm so much more fluent in Python than in Lua, but Python examples for OBS scripts are scarce.

I used your script as the basis to develop my own script:
It allows to swap the file displayed in an image source to any of the images present in a dedicated folder on the fly. Hotkeys can be configured for all of these pictures. The script can be configured to run in a push-to-show or push-to-toggle mode.


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How could I alter this script so that its Push to enable Hotkey. Lets say I have a hotkey that moves a source, I would like for the source to keep moving while the hotkey is held down instead of having to press the hotkey over and over.