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Projector (Preview) Hotkeys 0.5


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onomou submitted a new resource:

Projector (Preview) Hotkeys - Exposes Projector (Preview) Hotkeys

This script exposes the calls for Fullscreen Projector (Preview) and Windowed Projector (Preview) so you can activate them using hotkeys. One can customize which monitor opens the preview, and the dimensions/anchor point of the windowed preview.

Only tested on Windows with OBS 30.0.2 (64-bit). Please let me know about success or failure on your platform.

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@BENSABOSS if I understand your question correctly, no, because that is not the purpose of this plugin. It only exposes keyboard shortcuts for the two live preview options, fullscreen and windowed.

The fullscreen monitor can be selected in the options. Its number should correspond to the display number if you right-click on the preview and look at the menu options under Fullscreen Projector (Preview). You may have to pick a display number (try 0 first) and hit the preview to see which monitor it comes up on. It should be consistent between connections for your graphics card.

The windowed preview has options for which monitor and where on that display it appears. At least the options seem to work with my setup. This is what I use to open the fullscreen preview on a connected projector, and the windowed preview at the top-right of my laptop screen:



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Hi, the script gives an error when running:

[]   File "C:/Program Files/obs-studio/data/obs-plugins/frontend-tools/scripts\", line 85

[]     match reference_corner:

[]                          ^

[] SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Windows, OBS 30.0.2 (64 bit).