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Projector Hotkeys 1.3.0


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I switch between 2-3 scenes for the projector regularly. Is there a way to have a hot key close a scene on the projector? Because if I keep switching, it just adds each scene on top of each other over and over as a new window which will slow things down ultimately.


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Hi! I love your plug-in and I use it for an automated studio that runs basically on a single stream deck. Sometimes the HDMIs get switched (monitor 2 becomes monitor 3 and vice versa) so the monitors are flipped when opening OBS. Is there a way to set hot keys to project to certain monitors?

For instance, I want to program a macro switch on my Stream Deck that will switch between projecting Scene A to Monitor 2 and projecting Scene A to Monitor 3. Enabling the setting so only one full screen projector per monitor would prevent overlap.

Is there any way to do this? I tried using Keysmith but it doesn’t use the right click menu’s correctly to project and there’s no hot key to project to a specific monitor, only the ones you set in the settings of your plug-in.

Maybe add a way to make custom projections? Choose any scene and monitor to project to and add a hockey. Then I can set an additional custom projection hot key for each scene in case they are flipped.

I hope this makes sense, cheers!


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Is there any way to apply it to dual projectors?
What do you mean by dual projectors? If you want to send the same thing to two different projectors, like one on either side of the stage, I would just split the output signal so same output goes to both.

It would be possible to make multiple hotkeys to send the same scene to different places, but I don't have that yet. One option would be to make a second scene that just uses the first scene as the source, and then project that second scene to the second monitor


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This is a good script.
I have a hotkey suggestion, can it be turned into a hotkey toggle? and not just the "open" way.
Similar to this:


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Hello! Thank you so much for making this :D
Would it be possible to add a hotkey for opening a windowed projector? I would like to use this in combination with the Whiteboard script to allow me to quickly open a projector and write on top of it. Unfortunately the whiteboard script requires a windowed projector (this option on the menu here )


Thanks again!


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Hi David,
Just to confirm:
I use spacedesk to view my second screen (containing a full screen preview) on a tablet.
Unfortunately, sometimes the tablet disconnects and the only way to connect again is to go to the main PC, right-click on the preview and choose "full screen" on the second monitor.
Could I use your script to just press a short key and reconnect the preview?
I use "deckboard" to control the scenes, I was thinking of creating a powershell script that can use a shortkey.


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Dear @DavidKMagnus ,
we need your plug in for a specific reason: we want to let the people in front of the camera be able to toggle between two projectors (1 for the program out and 1 for the first camera). But the hotkeys always open new windows and like you said, there is no closing hotkey yet. Do you have an idea in what kind of way we could solve this toggle problem?
Kind regards