Question / Help Problem with OBS file in Movie Studio


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I use Movie Studio to prepare my video files. When I do a video using the OBS software and then drag this video onto the Movie Studio timeline, the video shows up as either excessively dark or completely black. If I am lucky, I can make out that there is an image. All other video clips that are dragged onto the timeline come out perfectly. Now here is the thing - the video generated by the OBS software works beautifully on its own. However, when loaded into the movie editor, it loses itself showing only a black image (or a very highly darkened image) for the entire video!

I asked support for Movie Studio about the file, and they tell me the file looks fine (even though it comes out black!) On the other hand all other files play perfectly in Movie Studio but this file comes up with its own problem. Yet by itself it also plays fine. It seems like there is some miscommunication between something going on with OBS and Movie Studio but I cannot find out what it is.

In short: The video prepared using OBS works fine on its own but when loaded into Movie Studio for editing shows up as a black line (I can hear the sound - I know the video is there.) In terms of Movie Studio - all other files come out fine - none of them show up black (meaning it can't be that something is up with Movie Studio because all other files play perfectly)

Does anyone have any idea what could be doing this? I have included two captures. The first with only the OBS which shows up as a black line. You can make out an image past the half way mark - but the rest is completely black. In the second capture you can see that other video clips have been added and they come out perfectly - not black. It is only the OBS that comes out black. This is the log file if it means anything:

Thank you for any suggestions.
Movie Studio with Black Video.PNG

Capture of Movie Studio with Black Video.PNG