Question / Help Presonus Audiobox USB with ASIO plugin not working


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I'm trying to use my Audiobox USB (the old version not the 96) with OBS and the ASIO plugin but I'm getting no response. Windows 10, OBS v25.0.4, ASIO plugin 2.0.2. I've watched a ton of videos and seem to have all the setting correct but the meter isn't moving at all. I'm not using a DAW and OBS does seem to recognize the ASIO device because it allows me to choose IN1 and IN2 for the OBS channel inputs. Any thoughts on why the device isn't working? TIA and happy to provide any additional logs or screen shots of needed.


post a log (obs-asio dev here).
Make sure your device is not used in asio by another app (check obs-asio wiki).