Question / Help Possibility to visualize stream performance from stats?


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I am very new at streaming and we are currently testing MS Stream capabilities at my work. We're facing some lag issues and after reading the lag helper post, I was left out with one questions.

Would it be possible to somehow produce a graph from the stream Stats?


It would be much easier to evaluate different settings for dropped frames and lag if there was some graph to compare the actual recorded stream to see if the issue is within OBS settings or in the stream server. I've spoken with Microsoft engineer about this and they didn't have any idea how to solve some of the issues. The lag spikes are very random and I would like to get a bit better understanding on this.



OBS is open source. If you want to go through the code and find a way to hook into statistics reporting, go for it.

However I don't know what that will do staring at a real time chart. The thing is, you can't control what happens between you and the ingest server. Network conditions change every day going over a public network. They are not controllable on your end. By the time you see the anomaly in the real time chart, its too late - you're already live and the damage has been done.

You have to build in headroom by overkilling the computer system you are running on with higher end CPU and GPU hardware. That end will have a good confidence level. However, if your ISP says they can deliver 10Mbps upload, don't believe them. Measure what they are delivering and then set bitrate to be up to 20% less. Anywhere between you and the route can be delayed so build leeway in taking that into account. There is never constant quality in public Internet service.

That's all you can really do.


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If you go to %appdata%\obs-studio\profiler_data, you will find (compressed) *.csv files with profiling data (timings) of everything OBS did. I did not look deeper into it, but perhaps you are able to create graphs from out of it that will satisfy your needs.