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Polymask Filter Script 1.0


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Polymask Filter Script - 8 point polygon mask/matte filter

Lua script that adds an 8 point polygon mask/matte for cropping away a portion of the image or for isolating a portion of the image when your greenscreen backdrop is smaller than the image frame.

Install the filter-polymask.lua script file.
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For cropping away a portion of the image, use the polygon vertex sliders to position and shape the polygon. Feather, invert, etc. as required.
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Dude! This a game changer for me and probably a lot of users!!!!! I just installed it and I need to go back to work, but it appears their is no need for finding. or creating a Mask among other things!!!!!! Thanks so much!! Update: Got home and was playing with it a while. It works with OBS addition to 29 beta. Nice until everything moves to 29. It's awesome! It should eliminate third party software like Apple keynote. Will keep you updated. Thanks!
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I love your Polymask script, but was wondering if you could include zones or something in your options for sliders. i.e. P8Y is bottom, P7Y is still bottom and P8X is left. It would make it easier for me at least, perhaps others too. Thank You for all you do! Edit: Oops! I just realized I got them wrong, but you get the idea.


Wow! So useful.
Some suggested improvements would be to add a feathering option... of course ability to adjust/ create on-source points directly with mouse instead of sliders (don't know if even possible with lua)... maybe a bezier option... but I'm just fantasizing