Plugin/script to allow midi controller to control filter values of individual filters


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I hope this is the right place, i'm looking to find out if it would be possible (or if it already exists) to have a script or plugin that was able to set values for filters.

A quick example would be the hue slider in the colour correction filter, i'd ideally like to tie that to a midi controller with a slider and be able to set that hue level using the slider at any point (not just with the colour correction filter open). Is/would this be possible?




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I have come across this: It operates via OBS Websocket.

Have not tried it yet, but it does list fader/knob support for values for chroma key, color key, and color correction (and some others), which is what I needed. Now that I know it's possible, I just need to research and select the right MIDI controller for the job, lol.