[Plugin Request] Steam Poster(by appid) for Now Playing


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Hi there, IDK if anyone out there who develops plugins for OBS, but I have a special request.
To explain how I came to this idea, I was looking into plugins that showed album art/covers for media from your browser or media players. Tuna is apparently the plugin for this, and despite how I can't seem to get it working with my chosen media player, it has a really neat concept there. It has one reference image called cover, and it replaces the cover.jpg file with whatever the album art is. So you put cover.jpg in OBS and as its overwritten, it updates in OBS. Really cool idea.
I was wondering if anyone out there would be up to the task of making a plugin that views your currently playing steam game, and overwrites the hypothetical cover.jpg to show the recording what is being played.
I feel like this is really feasible, as all Steam games, including your non-steam shortcuts, have appids. When you set custom posters for the game, the image is put in the users config/grid folder, with the associated appid (ex. if games appid is 21654, poster file is 21654p.jpg or png)
Would it be possible to create a plugin that cycles out an image based on its appid and that it is running?
Screenshot 2024-05-12 18-02-13.jpg