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OBS Python OSC Sender for OBS 0.2

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OSC Sender for OBS - Send OSC from OBS to control other apps

Allows you to send OSC commands from OBS to control other apps with OBS transitions

How to install it :
- install or download pythonOsc (
- load the script in OBS

How to use it :
- in the script settings, choose the IP adress and port of the target software
- add a source with a name beginning with "/"
and that's all, when the source is displayed, the message is sent

You can view sent messages with the checkbox in the settings
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I managed to send the commands. but I can not create an OSC server over OBS.
Did you find a solution to your problem? I couldn’t get the server to start via obs. I ended up doing it manually. And I don’t think it’s even trying to send commands. Clicking the checkbox for viewing sent messages does nothing. Also do you know how to change what command is sent? I’m running windows 10 ,obs 24.0.1 and python 3.6 I think. I’m trying to send a command from obs to Casper Cg server to press play when i go live to a specific scene.


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Are there any plans to support going the other way? As in, configure so that on an OSC command, a scene is sent to program? It would be huge for using OBS as a PTZ visualizer using control surfaces like the SKAARHOJ PTZ Pro, which has an OSC core