ORC - OBS Remote Control

Free ORC - OBS Remote Control 2017-09-29

Rainbow Harderwijk submitted a new resource:

ORC - OBS Remote Control - Remote Control using obs-websocket

Functional description:
This tool is a windows front-end remote control, with functions:
- start/stop streaming
- start/stop recording
- select profile
- select scene
- enable/disable sources.
- info and trace logging
- function set-up via the config.json set-up file.

Read Readme on Github for installation and the applicable disclaimer.

v1.0: Initial release.

obs-websocket plugin is to be installed....

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I tried your plugin, but I got an error message, that program was compiled with an unlicenced compiler and that I need the pro Version :(.

Did I something wrong?

1) I have resolved the issue reported above. Somehow a license restriction sneaked in, that it only would run on my own PC. This is resolved and tested out on other PC. So please try again.

2) The complained about that it could not compile is not understood. I installed Qt (5.9.2 MinGW 32bit) on another PC and could compile it straight away. Please check your Qt set-up.

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