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Online Color Correcting LUT maker 2019.10.25

Steve Seguin

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Steve Seguin submitted a new resource:

Online Color Correcting LUT maker - Using Color Samples obtained from a local paint shop, create Color Correcting LUTs for OBS.

Using the provided free web tool, and freely obtainable Color Samples (via a local paint shop), you can create Colour Correcting LUTs for OBS. Works with any camera. I also provided a video walk-thru on how to use the software and created LUTs.

The software is free and open-source, so I welcome community improvements. The code is a Python script, which runs as a web-app for free via Google Colab. As a result, no download or Python installation required. It's easy to use and very modifiable...

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Huib Intema

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Your tools works like a charm! Thanks very much for providing this. Attached is my version of the color board, very much like yours (RGB, CMYK, and white + gray).


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