Bug Report OBS32-Bit and 64-Bit not Launching.

Can't launch my OBS. The application does not appear on the Taskbar or System Icons. but there is a process obs32.exe or obs64.exe running. i have tried restarting my computer, deleting global.ini from %appdata%\obs-studio, deleting Untitled.json %appdata%\obs-studio\basic\scenes. but nothing happens. the problem still occurs. how many times i tried. nothing happens. i closed every process that obs starts and restart but still nothing happens.

Open the program, it pops up for split second then nothing on screen. It does show up in the task manager and can be closed from there. I have uninstalled (ver21.1) and installed the newest version (ver 21.1.2), and don't have the global.ini, or Untitled.json files anywhere.

Unlike the older bug ( https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-wont-open-the-first-time.59062/ ) , it doesn't matter how many times I open it it doesn't fix itself.

Running out of ideas. Thanks in advance.
Those didn't help. I updated the websockets and ndi plugins (which I didn't have in the first place) to the newest ones and I got an ndi error but nothing OBS still doesn't work correctly.

To be clear here is what obs does.

When I start OBS Studio it pops on for a split second and then disappears, but shows up in my task manager like its running. If I try and start OBS again it gives me a "OBS is already running!"

OBS worked a week ago, and now it doesn't.