Bug Report *** OBS Will Not Load On Mac ***

Ok, so Ive been using OBS for a while on Mac maybe a couple years with zero issues. After I changed a audio setting in OBS it crashed and would not open back up. Every time I click the app from launcher it shows blinking in tool bar as if its loading for about 5 seconds and disappears and will not load. I have deleted/uninstalled many times and same issue. I've tried changing audio settings among other things without being able to find a solution. I looked in the folder and have no crash log file either unless Its located in a different location. As I followed the instructions listed here to locate a crash log file. I did update to current version of OBS and Mac OS about a 2 weeks ago but not sure why now I have ran into this problem... Any suggestions will be great I love this program and at a loss for what to do. Thanks!