OBS Virtual Camera degrades resolution


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I am using OBS with Virtual Camera to broadcast to Blackboard Collaborate.
  • When the OBS output was 1920 x 1080, the Collaborate resolution was low resolution: around 640 x 360. (see images)
  • When I matched the OBS video output to Collaborates expected input (1280 x 720), the resolution improves marginally.
  • When I used the share screen feature in Collaborate (bypassing OBS), the resolution greatly improves.
This issue was investigated in detail: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-virtual-cam-output-is-blury-and-pixelish.118650/page-2

I have three questions:
  1. Any suggestions getting Virtual Camera to transfer the undegraded full resolution to Collaborate?
  2. I have installed 4.9.0 of NDI (plugin and runtime) and rebooted. NDI shows up in the log files and Tools:NDI Output settings exists, but there is no virtual camera in VLC or Collaborate. Any ideas how to make this work?
  3. There was work done earlier this year to integrate a native virtual camera in OBS: https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/pull/3087 I have the latest version of OBS, but cannot find this camera. Any assistance getting this to work?
The log file is at https://obsproject.com/logs/xmDUWGgPj8HWGpX6
(Note reading the log files: I uninstalled Virtual Camera and rebooted again. Only NDI is installed.)



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Hi @RogueAgent , were you able to fix this issue? Having the same problem with blackboard collaborate for my lectures. I have tested with MS teams and the same happens. Any workaroud? Thanks!


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Hi. I found a workaround. Blackboard collaborate can share your camera two ways, normally you would use the button at the bottom, but you can also share a camera in the "share content" tab, where you share slides, etc. This latter way seems to preserve resolution much better. I guess the first way prioritizes frame rate, while the second one prioritizes resolution. It is a bit choppy, but not so much that it becomes an issue. Also, I found much better results with the new native OBS virtual camera, than with the older plugin.