Question / Help OBS Virtual Cam - bad video quality in Teams, Skype, ...


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Perhaps this helps someone:

I had the same issue after updating OBS.
I installed the Version 26.0.2 again just over.

Now the native Virtual Cam seems to work perfect for Microsoft Teams. At least for me. Great quality!

Note: If Teams just showing you the "there is no picture" preview of the Virtual Cam, you now need to start it in OBS on the right bottom corner. Took me a while to get this .... -.-


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this means your version was 26.0.2. and the quality of the virtual cam was bad and you insalled the same version again (just over) and the quality improved?


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I'm having this issue, quality really bad on Teams. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of OBS. IT all looks fine my end, but the received quality is inuasable.

thomas woelfer

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Yes, same here: Virtual cam in Zoom (if shared as additional camera) is quite good.

Have not found a way to get 1920x1080 (or any useable resolution) in MS Teams.

Matt Reiner

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I'm also experiencing this issue when using the OBS virtual webcam with Zoom on MacOS, Big Sur.
The quality is unusable.

thomas woelfer

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After struggling quite a lot with this, testing all the things mentioned, here is what i've found as the best workaround.

Use the Web-Based Teams client. There is a little bit of video quality issue, but not much. it's far better than the desktop client. I don't think the desktop client is actually useable in production, because video quality is simple not good enough. The web client, however, is.