OBS VIDEO frozen by random thumbs up reaction.?


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Obs video stops working and freezes with random weird thumbs up reaction icon...? The camera goes back to normal if I pull out a video capture card usb cable and put it back in. Anyone know what to do?.. Screenshot_20231001_195139.jpg


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im having the same issue, during live stream , a weird thumbs bubble pop up on the screen.. Anyone knows how to solve this issue???


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Having similar experiences today on apple silicon. For me the reproduction steps are:

- Open OBS
- Start Virtual Camera
- Expand "Reactions" from the menu bar icon
- Select any Reaction.
- The reaction will start to play and eventually freeze.

Occasionally the full reaction will play through without issue, but without fail, the video will freeze if I click through multiple reactions. The OBS UI still seems responsive though, and I can press the exit button to quit the program.

Maybe also useful to know I'm using a CamLink 4k, though my video settings are at 1080p