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OBS Studio OBS-Studio: Enable CoreAudio AAC encoder (Windows)


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Enable CoreAudio AAC encoder in OBS-MP (Windows) - Apple's audio encoder can be used in OBS-MP and here is how to install it under Windows.

First of all, if you have iTunes or QuickTime installed, chances are you are already using the CoreAudio AAC encoder in OBS-MP. But if you normally do not use or install any of those, there is another way to enable it.

All we need is the Apple Application Support, for 32 or 64bit depending on the OBS-MP version you use. Apple themselves explain how to get those:

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Minimal Install Guide for CoreAudio AAC ( Windows )

This is a contribution to the original guide to allow for full function but no install needed and minimal file size.

1. Download iTunesSetup and extract AppleApplicationSupport.msi from it just as it says in the guide, but DO NOT install it.

2. Download lessmsi and extract it to its own folder. ( for temporary use )

3. Move AppleApplicationSupport.msi into the lessmsi folder.

4. Download the attached batch file ( or create your own ) and put it in the lessmsi folder.

5. Run the batch file and it should create a new folder called Apple in the lessmsi folder.
The Apple folder should contain an "Apple Application Support" folder and inside that should be 8 dll files + 1 folder.

6. ( Optional ) To reduce the size of a required dll, but still allows everything to work properly, grab a dummy dll for icudt55.dll here and replace / overwrite the one inside the "Apple Application Support" folder.

7. Copy the Apple folder to your Common Files directory for your version of windows, examples below :
32-bit Windows
C:\Program Files\Common Files

64-bit Windows
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files

8. Thats it, you're done, you may delete the lessmsi temporary folder. Start OBS MP and check your current log file to confirm CoreAudio AAC is working ( as mentioned in the guide ).

Here is the Code in case you want to create your own lessmsi batch file or if the attachment isn't working
lessmsi x AppleApplicationSupport.msi ASL.dll CoreAudioToolbox.dll CoreFoundation.dll CFCharacterSetBitmaps.bitmap icudt55.dll libdispatch.dll libicuin.dll libicuuc.dll objc.dll && move "AppleApplicationSupport\SourceDir\Common Files\Apple" %cd% && rd /s /q AppleApplicationSupport



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Acá tienen el app support x32 (x86) y x64 (x64), es una versión vieja pero funciona a la perfección

Here you have the app support x32 (x86) and x64 (x64), it is an old version but it works perfectly


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Acá tienen el app support x32 (x86) y x64 (x64), es una versión vieja pero funciona a la perfección

Here you have the app support x32 (x86) and x64 (x64), it is an old version but it works perfectly

Thank you so much for this! I really wish I had found this sooner. For the longest time I thought the entire internet had come together to prank me into wasting my time digging through iTunes/Quicktime setup files for an audio codec that didn't exist. I'll be putting this to good use!

Anubis Mann

The latest version can be downloaded from here: >> CoreAudio AAC encoder << ( iTunes 12.10.8 )

- Close OBS and run files.
- Extract the files and install:

AppleApplicationSupport.msi (32 bits systems).
AppleApplicationSupport64.msi (64 bits systems).

- You can see that the encoder is used by checking the log file of OBS.
- Search for a line that says: "[CoreAudio encoder]: Adding CoreAudio AAC encoder".


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Does CoreAudio AAC Encoder is enabled as default audio codec for OBS after installation?

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thank you very much for this! I spent 2 days testing different settings, audio routings and input/output devices as I was getting artifacts when recording DJ mixes etc. through OBS, was doing my head in. Will have to test with other samples but installing this encoder seems to have worked in avoiding the artifacts on the sample I've been testing with everything else.


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Thank you so much! My audio was horrible. One thing to note is that you need to install the Apple Support to the default location. I installed it to my D: drive and it didn't detect. I try not to install stuff onto C: unless I have to.

Easiest way to tell was to open the log, start a recording, and then check which encoder it uses.

I almost wish that there was a pay option to use an alt encoder so I don't have to use iTunes.