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I have been getting a bug lately. When I open a fresh obs and start virtual cam, I get an error message, when I try to record at the same time.

"Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details.

Not: if you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date".

However, when I stop virtual cam, I can record. And after this routine, I can also record with running virtual cam.

I attached the log file of this happening including the bug and the subsequent "work around".


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I have been getting a bug lately. When I open a fresh obs and start virtual cam, I get an error message, when I try to record at the same time.
That bug was fixed in RC2. Please update to RC3. Link is in the original post.


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When upgrading, does one need to uninstall the existing Virtual Cam Plugin first?

If so, how does one do this?


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Hi there,
am I correct in assuming that after adding virtualCam to OBS 26, that installing from .zip without admin rights will no longer be possible?
Having a integrated virtualCam in obs, - getting it to run without admin rights would be great in my work env. Is that technically even possible?


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The virtual camera functionality requires admin rights on the computer to register the virtual device with the system. You can still run OBS without administrator access from the zip, but it will not have the virtual camera output functionality without running the included batch files as admin.


Since I run OBS on a laptop (albeit with a light use case; I just record videos for my classes, that's pretty much it), I was pretty excited to see they improved performance with QSV / Quicksync even if it doesn't matter too much to me. However, I saw this:

14:40:31.591: NV12 texture support not available
14:40:46.219: >>> nv12 tex not active, fall back to old qsv encoder

Not sure what the issue is with that. Using display capture on an otherwise new profile and scene collection, all settings default except that the encoder is set to QSV. It could be to do with the fact that my windows install is fairly old (1709) on this laptop but I just want to make sure that this isn't an issue for anyone else. (Sorry for bothering you if it's just because this laptop has an old install).

Also, I noticed that when I start a recording regardless of the encoder (x264 or qsv) in this version there is a slight lag, maybe 1/10 second. This doesn't happen in 25.0.8 (I'm using RC3).


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I'm having a problem with OBS RC2 and RC3 virtual camera and MS Teams.
Randomly, maybe every 20 minutes or so (no exact timing) the video feed is corrupted. Stopping/restarting the virtual camera fixes the issue.
Please see the screenshot. Corruption is always like this.
This happens on my work laptop and home desktop. Both running Win10 2004 & Teams (64 bit) but otherwise very little in common.


OBS VC & Teams corruption.png
Why re-invent the wheel when the exiting will works so well. Why not embed the exiting Virtual camera and give credits to the creator? Why you want to stop using a virtual camera the have 4 cameras and two ways of using it? Global and Local virtual camera. Does this new virtual camera has that? I guess not. Also adding a big button is waist of real state. Just short cut is fine to turn on and off.


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Thank you all for your feedback! OBS Studio v26 has been officially released:
If you continue to have problems, please report your issues in the appropriate support forum, and if you have further suggestions, post them in the suggestions forum.
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