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LA_ICQ with QSV may be broken

Yesterday I used 24.0.0-rc1 to locally record three hours of footage. I used the same exact profile I'd used with version 23 for 50+ hours of successful local recordings, with the only change being that I changed the Recording output encoder setting from "(Use Stream Encoder)," which I did as a tiny convenience so I didn't have to click the "Recording" tab each time I wanted to change encoder settings, to copying over the same settings that were in the "Streaming" tab. I did this to support the new pause recording function - which I've tested and works well, thanks!

After recording three 1hr+ videos at 1440p60, I realized that the videos I was expecting to be around 10-15 GB in size were just less than 2 GB!

Before I could investigate the issue, 24.0.0-rc2 was released today, and saw that there were some fixes for QSV with Ivy/Sandy processors. I'm using a Skylake processor, but I updated and tested recording. Still, my settings were resulting in extremely low bitrates. Here's the settings as reported by the OBS log:

14:12:41.400: Starting recording due to hotkey
14:12:41.401: [qsv encoder: 'recording_h264'] settings:
14:12:41.401:     rate_control:   LA_ICQ
14:12:41.401:     ICQ Quality:    12
14:12:41.401:     Lookahead Depth:30
14:12:41.401:     fps_num:        60
14:12:41.401:     fps_den:        1
14:12:41.401:     width:          2560
14:12:41.401:     height:         1440
14:12:41.401: [qsv encoder: 'recording_h264'] debug info:
14:12:41.406:     impl:           D3D11
14:12:41.406:     surf:           D3D11
14:12:41.457:     m_nSurfNum:     41
14:12:41.479:     m_nTaskPool:    4
14:12:41.480:     major:          1
14:12:41.480:     minor:          29

For this test, I used an absurd ICQ Quality value of 12, which should make for extremely high bitrate encoding. But in my test, the bitrate was around 3000 to 4000 kbps, which was identical to when I tested the ICQ Quality value at 30.

However, QSV's regular ICQ rate control method still works properly, and I will use it for my recordings today. It generates a bitrate of 20,000+ kbps, which is what I was expecting to get with LA_ICQ.


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Browser source audio hiccups aren't fully fixed yet. I've got an mp3 that won't play at all. The rest seem to not want to play if another audio stream is going.

This is the function I use to load my audio sources to be played.

function loadAudio(sound, volume = .4, callback = function() {}) {
    let audio = new Audio();
    audio.addEventListener('error', function(e) {
        //subSound error
        if (subSound.src === false) {
            subload = false;
        } else {
            console.log("subSound error");
            subload = true;
        return false;
    }, false);
    audio.addEventListener("loadeddata", function() {
        //subSound loaded
        audio.volume = volume;
    audio.onended = callback;
    audio.src = "Sounds/" + sound;


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Browser source audio hiccups aren't fully fixed yet. I've got an mp3 that won't play at all. The rest seem to not want to play if another audio stream is going.
Hmm, do you have a demo page we can use to test with?


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My previous comment has been fixed with making my transition at 1600x904 instead of 1600x903 ty for the tip :) + Performance is a lot better seeing around a 4-10% increase even on scenes that dont contain media sources.

However one thing I'd like to ask is where did the customisable settings go from the dynamic bitrate pull request to the one that has been implemented. I ask, as for me my network conditions can change quite a bit if I'm away from home. I would also be streaming to my own RTMP server so having more aggressive bitrate management wouldn't affect streaming service requirements for me.

Also to add even in previous versions I'm still having a major bug where if I am streaming to an RTMP server and open that as a media source on another OBS on a different PC if I then stop the stream and restart it audio for everything will break unless OBS is restarted.
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Having issues with browser sources that do not have both "shutdown source when not visible" and "refresh browser when scene becomes active" checked.
When I switch to a scene without the browser source and come back the browser source is broken.

I have to have the refresh box checked but that causes the scenes to start animations over.

Tested with and without hardware acceleration.


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Greetings, for release candidate 2 (and 1), I'm getting a noticeable popping sound on transition. I removed my stinger and used a standard fade, but am still getting it; over multiple recording/streaming sessions and days. I've attached a log of the streaming session and have shared a couple of links below of short video snippets with examples of the behavior.

Example 1 of Popping Transition: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1msoBjnfCAJh-ZSVvx2wlZkL3WBr4O2ET
Example 2 of Popping Transition: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ducMDdLCMZ-ZzJ325vM_Ceucn8P88iEw

On a positive note, I was able to record/stream further than I've ever streamed without audio issues using RC2 (1:54); not sure if it was a coincidence or not but the audio never cut out. I don't believe that I changed any computer or software configurations other than upgrading to RC2; in v23 audio would last about 5 min, in RC1 it lasted ~1 hour and 30 min before cutting out and having to restart the stream.


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I don't know if this is the place to ask it but does the new version also have the ability to right click on links on chat and copy the link? The current version (23) doesn't have that feature when right clicking on a link.


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@rodney4299 -- Could you export the scene collection used there, and then also send me the scene collection's other related media files the sources use so I can reproduce that? you can either attach them on here in a reply, you can send it on discord to me directly via PM there if you're on our discord server, you can PM me on here, or if the files are too big, you can just give me links to them somehow or another with like firefox send or something (PM me though). Any one of those work. I prefer discord if the files aren't too big.


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Having issues with browser sources that do not have both "shutdown source when not visible" and "refresh browser when scene becomes active" checked.
When I switch to a scene without the browser source and come back the browser source is broken.

I have to have the refresh box checked but that causes the scenes to start animations over.

Tested with and without hardware acceleration.
I believe this may be related to the limit of 5 browser sources I mentioned earlier in RC1, which as far as I can tell still exists in RC2


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We have a new release candidate to test! RC3 is now available for download: https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/releases/tag/24.0.0-rc3

Patch notes for this version:
  • Fixed a bug where browser widgets/docks would not shut down properly
  • Fixed an issue where if you had a lot of browsers in a scene at once, the browsers would stop rendering when you switch away and back to the scene they were in
  • Fixed a crash either on shutdown or when switching profiles that could occur when you had Twitch/Restream/Mixer integration browser widgets in use
  • Fixed a bug with the media source where it would not loop properly or would hiccup when hardware accelerated decoding was enabled
  • Fixed a bug with the media source where certain hardware decoders would output corrupted video
  • Fixed a bug where pause would desynchronize audio/video the more often it was used
  • Fixed a bug where pausing could cause a crash or freeze when pausing/unpausing over and over too quickly
  • Browser docks now fully shutdown when hidden (prevents playback of any video/audio that may have been playing by browser)
  • Added an option to browser sources, "Reroute audio through OBS", which is enabled by default. This allows the user to turn off the new browser audio handling if they need to for whatever reason (usually only useful when you need to monitor with a different device than what OBS is set to monitor with)
Please give it a try and let us know if you have any issues!

Jon Ferry

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Received a crash when trying to add a custom browser dock.


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Does it happen with any URL or just a specific URL? I can't seem to reproduce crashing when adding custom browser docks


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Version: 64 bit - 24.0.RC3 + 23.2.1 (Windows 10 Home)
A Problem with command-line-command. Not work:
obs64.exe --scene "scene-webcam" or obs64.exe --scene scene-webcam
this ist Display-Name from Program obs64 … program starts with last used scene :(

this contains the Name "scene-webcam"

not work:
obs64.exe --scene "szenewebcam720p"
program starts with last used scene

Edit, 12.Sep.2019
self problem solved :(

i have used --scene "text"

i must use --collection "text"
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RC5 is now available for testing: https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/releases/tag/24.0.0-rc5

  • Added various improvements and fixes for those who use screen readers with OBS
  • Fixed audio cutting in/out when using NVENC with the lookahead setting enabled while using dynamic bitrate
  • Fixed a bug where color sources had their default size suddenly change
  • Fixed a bug where using large local media files wouldn't play back correctly with the browser source
  • Fixed a bug where sites such as Twitch wouldn't play back correctly when used as custom browser panels
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Is there any RCs for macOS 10.15 or should I build from source?

If you can build from source that is what I would recommend for the short term. We are having a slight issue with our build server that should be resolved soon, hopefully, to at least get builds rolling again.


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Hi! I've tested the QSV LA_ICQ problem reported in post #41 again, with a demonstration of what's happening. I used 24.0.0-rc5

LA_ICQ's bitrate seems to be fixed at a very low quality, and doesn't respect the ICQ quality value I set.

I recorded the Borderlands 2 main title screen for 20 seconds at a time, using both LA_ICQ and ICQ rate control methods, with various ICQ quality settings, as the file names say.

The difference in file size between ICQ quality values when using the functional ICQ rate control method is 77%. For the LA_ICQ tests, the difference is only 19%, most of which is probably because the 20 second tests weren't all encoding identical images from start to finish.



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