OBS Studio 19.0.0 Auto-configure Feedback Megathread

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    If you want to use the wizard, then just run the wizard, and instead of clicking "Apply settings", just copy down the settings that it displays and enter them manually into the appropriate Advanced settings fields.
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  3. grasstypemage New Member

    I ran the Auto-configure, and all settings were applied just fine, but the suggested bitrate was 6000, and when I tried a test stream I was dropping about 60% of frames.
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    @grasstypemage Can you post your log from the session where you ran the wizard and the test stream?
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    Just want to clarify this here. Twitch doesn't have any hard limits in place, this is correct. However, if you stream at more than 6k, (and especially if you stream at something obnoxious like 20k+) Twitch could ban you, and I've personally seen warnings go out to users streaming at ridiculous bitrates.

    So, please stop spreading misinformation. Nobody streaming to Twitch should use more than 6k without explicit permission from Twitch first.
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    Do you have a Source for that, which is from 2017? because their tech stuff at Reddit says other things. They even explicit denied that on Reddit. So at this point you are on the spreading misinformation side of things i think.
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    I don't have any "proof" and I'm kinda over this discussion. Do what you want then, this is off topic anyway. Any further replies regarding this will be removed as not relevant to the thread.
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    Hello friends.

    Due to my monitor's overscan, I have my base resolution set at 1824x1026 scaled by my GPU, and when this tool is run it suggests using 1216x684, neither of which being presets for twitch. I have noticed that when I stream with non-square multiples of standard 16:9 resolutions I will only have my source and current settings for quality options available, instead of those plus 720p, 480p, etc.

    What I typically do is downscale this to 1280x720 and eat the visual quality loss from transforming video by that resolution, or set my canvas to 1280x720 and play at that resolution. Depends on the game.

    It also suggests to set my bitrate to 6k at 60fps, while twitch suggests using 3.5-5k at that framerate and resolution (1280x720).

    Personally I don't notice too many differences between "NVEC H.264" vs "x264" and it doesn't appear to take too much stress off my CPU but I guess it doesn't hurt either.

    my logs, bit of extra data here, ctrl+f 1216
  9. Momentum Active Member

    i7 3770k, 16gb RAM, R9 270, 100/6 connection. streaming pretty much always on 720p@60fps with x264 at 4600 bitrate with no issues.
    auto-config reported i should use QSV @ 3000 bitrate and 1152×648 resolution...
    erm no thanks :)
    i can see this beign helpful for new people, but any "experienced" person should get his own optimal stream settings on his own already
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  10. Fenrir


    This was likely because you told it to prefer hardware encoding.

    And yes, as mentioned several times already, the auto-configuration tool is not for advanced users.
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    Tool doesnt recognize the Windows System Audioformat e.g. 48k Hz and simply uses the 44.1k Hz default.

    Maybe consider a "are you a partner" (yeah its oriented for new users but still) checkmark since 720p60 with 4350 is rather high since it still tends to buffer every now and then and a actual desired output resolution
  12. Jon Ferry Member

    Your right about that your not actually limited and I've always knew that but if you go on your dashboard whilst your streaming you have something called a "configuration check" this ranges from poor/Incompatible to excellent. When streaming above 6000 you will enter the poor/incompatible which limits the devices which can watch your stream and other things like that. Instead of saying everything I just said me and other people just say limited. Yes we know we are politically incorrect but it just makes sure that a person doesn't go above 6000.
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    I used the Wizard today. For quite some time I've always had issues with what my streaming settings should be, and I was never really satisfied with the settings I had. So I gave it a try and I found many settings were changed. I accepted the settings it recommended and did a test stream.

    It was beautiful. My past streams were ok, but this was amazing. I might adjust the bitrate from 6000 to 4500, but everything else is perfect. It was clear and crisp. Damn near got goosebumps. The settings it recommended were so on the money.

    This is a great feature to include in OBS. Thank you so much for this feature. Good Job. I've enclosed a log to aid the devs.
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