OBS streaming causing high ping. Shadowplay works fine on same settings.


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Hello guys, just as you can read above, OBS causing high ping spikes for no reason.
My uploadspeed is 50MBits and I'm streaming with 5Mbits LOL.
I tried all settings in OBS now and OBS even gives me high ping if I stream with 1Mbit.

On shadowplay I can even hit the 10Mbits and I'm still low Ping in Overwatch (20 ~ 30ms).

It's not my hardware, I have 1000Mbits download and 50Mbits upload.
1gbit LAN cable.
1650 Super.
Ryzen 5 2600 (OC to 4,1Ghz).
16GB dual channel ram.

Someone had this problem too? Would be awesome if someone could help me out.


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Restart OBS and perform a test stream/recording of no less than 30 seconds doing as you normally do, including playing games, full camera or whatever you normally do.
Look in Help menu. Upload the current log file and paste the url to the log in here. Click on the Analize button to start troubleshooting common issues.