obs recording issue with rekordbox xdj-xz channel fader


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uncommon issue with obs when recording on rekordbox xdj-xz, the controller has 4 channel faders: one for each band Eq.
The music can't be shut off completely on channel fader 1 when moving the crossfader all the way to the right.
The music shuts off when I move the channel fader 1 itself down, but if I only move the crossfader all the way to right, it still plays with low volume.
This only happens with channel fader 1 (channel 2, 3, 4 has no issue).
I tried the obs recording either with serato or rekordbox software, the issue is still persist.

And it only happens in obs recording.
no issues when recording in rekordbox itself or directly in a usb stick with the controller.

if I record a mix (dj scratch and all the good stuffs), the same recording has no issue with a usb stick or the rekordbox recording, but the obs recording didn't come right: channel fader 1 on xdj-xz can't be completely silence when moving the crossfader to the right.

Please help, very strange issue, I don't know how to resolve it.


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I'm experiencing the same issues. Channel 1 does not completely shut off when mixing but the XDJXZ works fine. It seems to pick up the input from channel 1 and broadcast this out. But not on any other channel.

Please help as this seems now to be a known issue


did you fix this? I'm getting this today (only solution is to plug in a sound card instead of using the xdj-xz direct connection)