OBS Plugin Help. Video Preview widget.


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Hey everyone, I'm creating an obs plugin for myself. One of the things I have is an overlay that displays overtop of the obs window for something specific. What im trying to do is include a label on that overlay and have it display it centered on the video preview. My issue is that I cant for the life of me find the video preview in the obs mainwindow.

I tried logging all children and got this:

12:38:46.742: Widget: preview, Type: OBSBasicPreview
12:38:46.742: Widget: previewLabel, Type: QLabel
12:38:46.742: Widget: previewDisabledWidget, Type: QFrame

but preview doesnt seem to work. What am I missing here?

important to note that I have it as a separate, transparent and frameless window that shows overtop of obs so theres no chance its included in recorded videos.
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