Question / Help OBS picks up desktop audio and it records, but stream cant hear it.


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I have an issue where OBS picks up my desktop audio and records it, but when i stream you can't hear it. my desktop audio is set as my headphones (arctis 5 game) this is also set as my default playback device. The arctis 5 have 2 different source options (Chat\Game) i'm not sure if this part of the problem, but neither seem to work when i stream. Any help would be appreciated.


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Check that your sources are set to output in Edit > Advanced Audio Properties.

Also there check which track(s) your audio devices are assigned to, and what track is being streamed in Preferences > Output > Streaming

You can record multiple audio tracks and assign audio devices to one or more tracks when recording.

You can only stream a single track, so all the devices you want to appear in your stream must be on the same track.

For instance, when I simultaneously stream and record, and I have, say, five audio devices, I have one device each on tracks 1-5 and all devices are assigned to track 6, and I set the stream to output track 6.


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Appreciate it friend, i double checked everything you said, and made the adjustments and now it works!