OBS overload my computer without recording or streaming


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Hello. I've been trying to solve this myself but I couldn't find any working solutions yet because that is quite strange. I'm on a macbook pro which can handle some fairly heavy softwares without any problems. But when it comes to OBS and create a simple scene like a screen or frame capture, my macbook starts overloading even if I'm not streaming or recording. The rendering is lagging too, I checked all the configurations and settings but I still don't know why this is happening. Can someone help me please, I would really appreciate it!


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The workload comes from real-time video encoding, which is taking place regardless if streaming or recording. The rendering workload takes place creates the OBS scene/screen/display with your sources. IF you use Studio Mode, you are doing 2X rendering workload.
Beyond, that, always a good idea to read and follow a pinned post in the forum on requesting assistance (in terms of directions about posting OBS log with a recording or streaming session)