obs-nvfbc 0.0.6


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We might not be allowed to use NVFBC on windows, but there's nothing stopping anyone from creating a fake Shield device as an OBS plugin to do the "window capturing" part (like Moonlight) and NVENC to do the video encoding without actually using NVFBC. It would be GeForce drivers doing the NVFBC capture part.
there is nothing stopping us from using nvfbc on windows if you have a quadro card. for geforce its deactivated in the driver which can be bypassed. but thats not the concern for plugin dev. on linux it has to be bypassed to.

you proposal wont do anything useful, the issue is already the window capture part whcih creates the lag for many reasons.
point of using nvfbc is to capture directly from the framebuffer.

however nvidia state that this is no longer possible on windows doo to changes in architecture in windows, but in theary it should still be in true full screen mode


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as terrorfrog mentioned having this plugin work on windows would be a monumental benefit
since the github mod is super easy to do and pretty much works on all consumer-grade cards
would basically make shadowplay obsolete
pretty please recompile the library for windows


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I registered and come here couse I think users are not understanding the main issue for Windows porting.

Last supported Windows 10 version is 1803, build 17134. Windows 10 provides native capture APIs that can be considered as alternatives to NVFBC.

We don't have anymore access to the NVIDIA Capture SDK release. If we use the older releases, still modern Windows 10 and 11 will not be supported by NVIDIA and may don't anymore with modern drivers.

There are NOT practical way to porting this to Windows. You can contribute freely to the OBS community if you get this running in a practical way, but understand developers will not work free on app with expire date on hands.

Capture SDK can be only used on GRID, Tesla, or Quadro X2000+ (X = K/M/P/RTX etc ) hardware products. Other configurations are not permitted under the end user license agreement terms and conditions.
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