Question / Help OBS not picking up desktop audio on Corsair Void Pro headset


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This problem just popped up a few days ago, after I plugged some computer speakers in. My mic is being picked up properly, but whatever audio I can hear in my headset won't get picked up. My settings are set so that my headset is the default device for everything and I've even unplugged my speakers to see if anything would change. Everything was working perfectly fine before. Any help is appreciated!


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strange, but i suppose a windows update broke it.
FIX for anyone else that gets this problem:
turn windows sonic (7.1) on
apply changes
turn windows sonic (7.1) off.


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A bit late, I dont know at what point the audio reproduction changed to 16bit 48000Hz, changing it back in advanced options to 16bit 44100 hz fixed the problem. Hope it helps.