OBS + NDI vs VB Cable --> Audio for Zoom


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Hi guys, I'm using OBS with NDI & VB Cable plugin for teaching preschool via Zoom. I only use 1 laptop (so far no multiple devices yet, hopefully soon) and 2 cameras and 2 microphones (1 for backup). The problem that I have is:
  1. Audio Delay from Mic to OBS/Zoom. So basically the audience heard me with latency and sometimes the video mp4 file that I played also have audio delay.
  2. The sound volume from OBS to Zoom is way way lower than to zoom directly. So I setup from OBS with mic input and Zoom Mic to be NDI Audio. I have to cranked up the gain so much (+10db in OBS and +10db/+20db in NDI) to be able to be heard nicely. Whereas if I connect the mic directly to Zoom, I even put the mic physical volume button at lower level.
  3. Do I even need VB Cable anymore if I already use NDI?

Please help