OBS NDI plugin causes growing latency


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Hi everyone,

I have got a problem with the intergration oft the obs-ndi plugin which might have been discussed already, I am not shure:

I did a streaming event 3 months ago with an USB-Camera I extendend with an UTN (USB to Network) –Server and a dedicated audio mixer connected to my computer via USB (operated with the ASIO-plugin for OBS)

I adjusted the audio latency in my audio mixer to match the latency of the camera, everything worked fine.

I added a second camera to my setup for a streaming event I had to do 3 day ago.
This camera is a PTZ-camera operated via NDI.
I used the OBS-NDI plugin (Windows 4.9.0) and added 80ms delay within OBS for that source to match my timing.
During my transmission I got aware of the fact the the NDI-camera run out of audio/video synchronisation.
After the transmission I did some tests with the following result:

When starting OBS everthing is in sync.
During operation the NDI-Source (camera) has a shift of about 40ms every 10min. of operation.
So after 3 hours of operation my NDI-camera is about 720ms late which of course is not usable.

Evertime I change the sync for the NDI-camera from source timing to network or from network to source timing the camera is back in sync again.

Obvioulsy that shifting latency is an issue of the OBS-NDI plugin.
Does anyone out there made the same experiences as I did and is there a solution/workaround?
Of course it is not a solution to resync the camera every 5 minutes, especially when the camera is on air.
The best solution of course would be a solution within the plugin.

Any ideas or advices?