OBS-NDI pluggin not working


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I downloaded and installed the OBS-NDI plugin along with the NewTek NDI requirements. I was trying to use OBS Camera on my iPhone 8, after following their provided instructions for connecting to OBS using NDI and trying other NDI Camera Apps, nothing is working. The NDI source in OBS does not give me any available sources outside of my own desktop. I need to have at least 2 wireless NDI cameras for a upcoming project in a few weeks, and the budget does not allow for any new purchases.

OBS has been restarted
Desktop (windows 10) has been restarted
The NewTek NDI has been uninstalled and reinstalled
OBS Camera (iPhone) has been uninstalled and reinstalled
TC Camera (iPhone) has also been uninstalled and reinstalled
Both the Desktop and iPhone are on the exact same Wi-Fi (5Ghz) / Connected both devices to another WAP that is also 5Ghz and no connection between OBS Camera and OBS Studio

I waited with the app running on the iPhone for 10 minutes in between each restart, seeing if maybe it was taking a while to connect.

Here is the last log from OBS


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you have to make sure the version of the NDI plugin is compatible with the version of OBS you are using. Latest version of many plugins only works on 28.


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It appears that the Palakis/obs-ndi plugin for v28 is still in development. On its github page someone noted: "The update is still in development. You can still test the alpha version for v28 located in here: https://github.com/Palakis/obs-ndi/actions/runs/2977380826"
I've had the same problem you're having KenseiDSG. The suggested solution I've seen is to downgrade OBS to 27.2.4. I'm about to try that myself.


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So I’ve just started using a dual pc set up for streaming using NDI. I’ve set it all up fine except when I open obs on the stream pc it brings the fps on the gaming pc down to like 1/2fps. Any idea what might be causing this would be amazing thank you!
I used to run live programming and always had problems with buffering. The most critical issue with an Internet hook up is "Jitter". Jitter is the spacing between the packets. If the Jitter is 3 or above, expect problems. Once I got Cox to fix the problem, it was smooth sailing. Ping should be low too.