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obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio 4.11.0


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Hopefully I can find some help here with the situation i am encountering.

I am using the plug in for streaming on Twitch. I have a two computer setup using OBS Studio on both computers. Everything is working as intended, accept I am having a strange echo happening on stream when my alerts go off.

Gaming pc runs the game, microphone input, and obs. OBS on this pc has my alerts on it so I can personally hear them when they go off. So this is all being sent over my network to the streaming pc.

Streaming pc runs OBS, streamlabs chatbot (includes music playlist), webcams, ect.

Although there are no 'alerts' browser sources AT ALL on the stream pc OBS, I am getting an echo from the alerts. The NDI source volume on my stream pc bounces around accordingly when the alert goes off, but then there is also a pick up on the desktop audio for the same alert. My gaming pc audio and my mic are not doubled, but the alerts are.....

Really not quite sure how to fix this past adding earbuds to stream pc and splitting the audio, which I've tried and it doesn't work. If anyone get with me and help through discord, or how ever please hmu when you can.

Thanks a bunch!


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Please; Can someone confirm if the problem of progressive audio delay has been fixed in this latest version of OBS? Is it better to wait for the NDI plug-in update? I think I've already tried everything on the net in this regard, and the problem persists. And now that I have more or less dominated (NOT 100%) I'm afraid to unconfigure everything with the latest update without knowing if it works well. Thank you.


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I'm not sure what the real solution to my problem was regarding not getting the NDI signal into OBS from Skype, but it's fixed.

I uninstalled OBS and NDI, reinstalled, and then downloaded Skype for Creators rather than the version that was already on my computer. After all that, it grabbed the video feed no problem.

Now I'm trying to work out the horrible echo delay that is coming from Skype into my livestream. I'm not hearing it, but everybody on YouTube is! What's odd is that while the Skype cal is in Preview, no echo to the callers voice, but the second I cue that scene into the Program, echo. What kills me is it wasn't doing this the other day when we were testing it all, I didn't change any of my settings, and then I go to do the broadcast and it was echo city. Had to stop after a few minutes. Grrrrrr.


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NDI feeds are audio and video. You're probably getting echo because Skype is sending audio both in the NDI feed AND to the usual windows audio device that you're capturing. If you don't have monitoring on then you're not hearing it, but the mixer should be showing the doubled output.


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Hi, after updating to OBS 23.2.1 the NDI source is not recognized. The pc was restarted, uninstalled OBS and NDI, reinstalled all cleaned up, and still not working or compatibility to skype call. Do anyone have the same issue?


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Outputing on another VLAN than inputting :

Is it possible to choose another network card or IP adress for outputing NDI than inputting NDI ?

Let me clarify my case :

I got several Adobe machines broadcasting NDI return.

I have one 'switching' machine with OBS and each machine set as a scene in NDI input
that switching machine has 2 LAN adapters, each set on different VLAN
One VLAN is the same as ADOBE machine, the other is the same as my media servers that needs to receive the NDI OUTPUT of OBS on that SWITCHING machine

So my question is can I configure somezhere that OBS get NDI Input from ETH0 and broadcast NDI OUPUT on ETH1 ?


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Please if anyone can help me. I've tried for many hours not on my main PC to get the NDI plugin to work but for some reason it never shows up in the tools drop down. I have watched many videos and re-installed a number of times now as wel las installing it to my separate drives and whatnot. On my laptop which I thought very unlikely to accomplish the task, I was able to do it in one try and get everything to show correctly however my desktop which I game on all the time cannot get the plugin to show no matter what I do. I really would like to give it a shot and I would appreciate any help very much!


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Look at a logfile. If the NDI plugin is installed but cannot load, there will be errors in the log indicating why.

If the NDI plugin does not appear in the log, then it was not installed in the right place-- meaning possibly your instance of OBS is installed in a non-standard location, or that you have more than one of them and installed NDI into a different one than the one you are running.


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MultiView output?
It would be great with we could get the OBS Multiview as an NDI output.
Please, :-)

Is this possible?


Palakis updated obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio with a new update entry:

obs-ndi 4.6.1

Only use this release with OBS 22 or above!

Changes since 4.6.0:
  • OBS v24 Release Candidate bugfix: crash when starting the preview output
  • Linux: fix plugin location issues on Ubuntu (now installs the plugin both in "/usr/lib/obs-plugins" and "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/obs-plugins")
Windows, Linux and macOS Install instructions: see the release page on GitHub.

Read the rest of this update entry...


4.6.1 seems to have broken something. There's no "NDI Source" option in the source dropdown.

I replaced the obs-ndi.dll with the one from 4.6.0 and the source showed up normally.


4.6.2 is working for me on two different systems. For reference: On one, I replaced the 4.6.1 DLL file with the 4.6.2 version (from the .zip release). On the other, I installed fresh from 4.6.2 with no previous version.

I wonder what the difference is that's causing it to still not show up for some folks.


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I'm getting a "CPU unsupported by NDI library. Module won't load" message in log file. My CPU is an old AMD Phenom II X3 710 (Ryzen 5 2600 coming soon...) and I remember it working on my laptop's Intel Core i5-3230M. Could the reason be my AMD CPU is too old for this?


Basically I don't want to use this for PC to PC ... although I can get that to work on my gaming PC ( wireless ac ) and an old PC ( wired ) into router... Did also test having gaming PC wired to Router ... I just want to be able to import Skype calls... wish they was a way only to add the NDI Source and not the rest of it ...

My issue is that my usage goes from 6 - 8 % to about 18% - 20%. which I am not sure if this is normal performance for the plugin....

Also after closing OBS , there is still an instance of it running in the background. I always have to go into Task Manager to close it. This happens on both PCs... Do anyone else have this is or had this issue ?

If i uninstall the NDI plugin...

PC usage back to normal . ( 6.1% in screenshot )
Closing the program doesn't leave anything open in Task Manager...

Here some information from the log;

13:15:09.349: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz
13:15:09.349: CPU Speed: 2808MHz
13:15:09.349: Physical Cores: 4, Logical Cores: 8
13:15:09.349: Physical Memory: 32652MB Total, 27925MB Free
13:15:09.349: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 17763 (revision: 678; 64-bit)

Please help ... been trying to figure if I doing something wrong, something with my set up ... At my wits end...

For now , not installing the PLUGIN , unless I have a skype call planned .... Not worth the extra PC usage for what I would do ... would like to have the PLUGIN installed if can get these issues resolved ( especially the 2nd one )


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